My Natural Tendency To Create Content

I’ve realised recently that what I am doing with This is Philanthropy is nothing new for me really.

If I think back to my childhood, I was constantly involved in many creative endeavours. At the time, school commitments would be what made up the other part of my life.

But looking back now, I was always creating brands and producing content. I remember at the age of about 10, I would create pieces of artwork in scrapbooks. These were pieces of content that I wish I did not throw away out of embarrassment lol.

At 15, we created a brand called ‘The Idiot Brothers’. It was a show we recorded from our Nokia camera phones of us doing stunts. From what I know, YouTube was around at the time and we had designed a logo and produced many many hours of content, but back then I wasn’t that aware of my proclivity towards showing these artistic and entrepreneurial traits.

I remember recording hours worth of voice content with an old school speaker. I forgot what we named the station, but it was hours worth of absolute crap from two 10 year old boys.

It wasn’t until recently where after graduating with a degree in business and gaining experience in the business world plus now the world of entrepreneurship, where I have come to the realisation of what I have actually been doing for all of these years – creating brands and producing content.

Instead, now I have outlets like social media, podcasting, professional camera equipment and so many years of experience and knowledge under my belt, that now I can take my innate tendencies and turn them into real life things that can actually have a positive impact on the people around me.

Image: Age 16. My first social media profile picture which was on MySpace – 2007 – 08.

Robbie Francis – co-artist