Money, Energy & Time – What You Learn On The Move

I was recently asked the question, “what have you learned so far”?

It took me a day or two to be able to answer that question with a bit of substance behind it.

What have I learned from being a humanitarian worker? I’ve learned a lot about money and how it is fundamentally an exchange of energy. Value is something that comes from the amount of energy that has been exerted.

Humanitarian work has helped with breaking the illusion that money holds and I got to experience exchange on a much more fundamental basis and this helped me see that everything is about the exchange of energy.

Before adding philanthropy into my life and even up to very recently, my relationship with money has caused me a lot of suffering. I have had a lot of anxieties around money, a result of a poor mindset.

Things have improved lately and I can feel a huge shift in mindset happening. This shift is happening in part due to my own study, but also from my experience and my observation. I’m applying new lessons to new situations and things begin to feel as though they can only climb up from here.