“Just Be Present”, they say.

Just be present.

I couldn’t agree more, but it seems as though being present is much easier said than it is done.

We have all experienced moments of being fully present in a moment, but we had something in front of us that made us present. The whole experience of love, perhaps? They say, you fall in love and you become so present in the moment. You have someone in front of you and they just capture your devoted attention.

When you attention is hooked like that, you tend to be less involved with your thoughts and your ego, where we are usually so used to living within. As a result of living so regularly within our thoughts and emotions we become identified with them. We think that our whole reality is just thought and emotion. We are so attached to who we think we are – what we think we want, what we think we need and the story we tell ourselves about who we are.

When your attention gets taken away from the thoughts and emotions, then we can begin to become more present with some of the other dimensions of living. If we remain caught up in our thoughts and emotions, we will fail to ever be present because thoughts are just a play of memories about the past and imaginations of the future. The body is here today, however. The body can feel the future and relive the past because that’s exactly what your thoughts and emotions are communicating to it.

I’ve always associated yoga as a technology like meditation that can peel back layers of awareness both in the mind and body. Yoga is said to make the body more receptive.

With a more receptive body, more attention and awareness may be directed that way rather than so much attention being drawn to the mind. I am wondering how much of a separation this will cause between my mind in which I am so identified with and the rest of my experience in life.

There is more to this life than just what goes on in the mind, but unfortunately we are so attached that we don’t even know that it’s going on, majority of the time.

Be present, that’s for sure. But just keep one thing in mind – it’s going to take a lot of work in order for us to truly understand what they truly mean when they say this.