Goals & Systems For Your Every Day Life

I once heard the quote – “Goals are for losers. Systems are for winners”.

As soon as I heard this quote, I quickly got to work to find out more about what was actually meant by this. I had been attempting to set goals for so long by this time. In fact, I sat an online course just dedicated solely to learning how to set goals. I learned a method after hours of practice and then I stumble across a quote like this, so you can just imagine the struggle after hearing such a thing.

About a year has passed since that moment in time and the journey to learn more about what that quote actually means is still a working progress. However, I have come to learn many valuable things thus far.

Our minds do tend to work better when we take a goal orientated approach towards life. Ticking items off a checklist can be satisfying, not to mention the satisfaction one receives once they have crossed off big items that take long periods of time to accomplish. So, is it such a bad thing that we set goals?

Here is what I’ve learned so far;

A human beings mind works well when adopting a goal orientated approach towards life. The issue is however, nothing is ever enough. A person can chase what is on the horizon so enthusiastically, only to realise that there is nothing on the horizon. A lot of people come to realise that they spend half their lifetimes chasing after what is on the horizon, realising later on that there was never anything on the horizon to begin with. This is the case because we have a tendency to set our eyes on something, thinking that it will satisfy our needs and desires. What we will come to realise is, nothing will ever be enough. Chasing what is on the horizon can only lead to a never ending race to satisfy ones desires – because there is nothing there.

Setting goals and being specific about them can help when trying to aim and hit a target, however when your eyes are focused on one objective, you miss the many other opportunities that come your way. You become so fixated on one picture and you miss out on thousands of other possibilities. Hence why adopting daily systems are more important, as they make you ready for any opportunity that paves it’s way before you.

With all that being said, I don’t believe setting goals is an issue, providing you aim for the important things. Becoming fixated on a target to achieve happiness, health and wisdom are all intangible in nature and seem to be more practical targets to strive for.

Striving for emotions and positive states of being should be the goal, as these goals can be achieved, irrespective of the external circumstances that surround you.

You might not always be in the position to buy that car or build that house or take that luxury trip. But you are always in a position to achieve happiness, health and wisdom.

I feel like these are foundational to achieving everything else. And the thing is, they can be achieved at any time, given any circumstance. They are fundamental states of being. As a human being, you have the right to access them at all times.