Follow Your Passions?

“Follow your passions”, they say.

What is a passion anyway? I would say, something that puts fire in your belly. A passion is something that can make you lose track of time. It can drive you up the wall to insanity, yet you continue to persevere because you love the process just as much as the result.

Do you find your passions, or do they find you? How do you explain a Cambodian humanitarian worker who has devoted their lives to help educating a new generation of people?

This is probably one of the most important times in the history of Cambodian society. A post war era with a fresh, new generation of people who are rising up. Their minds are humble, determined and keen to learn.

Some believe that your passions find you and I agree with that to some extent. However, finding ones passions tends to involve more than just sitting there and waiting for something to show up.

With deliberate practice, deep self reflection and a constant willingness to seek for new and improved ways of living, we can all find what we are truly passionate about. We might find that what we are passionate about is something that extends much further than us as individuals. Maybe, our passions have little to do with us and more to do with others.

What a beautiful way to live.