Culture In The East vs Culture In The West

It seems as though to me, when I compare the difference between Eastern philosophy and Western Philosophy, they always come to a meeting point, however the way in which they are delivered can be dynamically different.

Take Christianity, to begin with. If you look at the Bible, it is a collection of stories written by numerous people over a long span of years. Out from this text comes stories like David and Goliath, where the underdog discovers the advantages of being an underdog and uses that towards victory. These are just like some of the stories that play out in our sporting culture. There have been many occasions where the underdog has seen victory because at the time, the odds being stacked against them had some sort of psychological effect on the collective audience who were involved in some sort.

What is our mind, then? A collection of memories about the past and visions of the future. They are an accumulation of memories and visions that are compiled to make a story about who you are and what your life is about – your identity.

Through the use of storytelling in which our minds are wired for, the Bible has been able to spread profound messages that have lasted an extraordinary amount of years so far. There must be a psychological explanation for this. These characters depict what we perceive in our every day lives.

The religions from the East tend to differ in many ways. Taoism and Buddhism tend to be a little more scientific and clinical in their approach. Taoism focuses on the world of physics and cosmology.

Where by someone who identifies themselves as a Christian is able to find fulfillment and peace in their lives through the psychological process of belief, Eastern religions tend to not believe in a God. It is in the East where peace and purpose is found through acts of compassion and training the mind through certain esoteric practices like mindfulness, Tai Chi and Yoga.

It would be ignorant of me to not expand myself. Diversity and something I value, not only because it brings about a sense of acceptance among people, but it also brings about a sense of curiosity – another trait that is such a wonderful thing to carry around with you.