Cambodia Said To Be The Most Important Part Of The World – Claims A Person Who Has Traveled To Every Country In The World

I just saw a clip of a guy who travelled to every single country in the world 🌍

The be exact, that’s 193 countries in total. In the video, he would say the name of the country and would give a one liner to follow.

He said, “Cambodia – one of the most important parts of the world”.

While it’s not possible for me to know why a man who had been to every country in the world made such a claim about Cambodia, I can only try my best to imagine what this guy meant.

For someone who has lived here for over a year now, I consider it to be an extremely important part of the world. There are so many lessons to be learned here for people of all walks of life.

With a way of life that is different to a lot of other countries in this world due to the severity of the Khmer Rogue and it’s devastating but also recent damage, it’s no wonder why life would be far different to what most of us know. This is the post war era of what was considered to be one of the worst humanitarian crisis’ of its time.

I know from my own experience, Cambodia has taught me so much about the nature of life. It has taught me so much about the nature of human beings. It’s funny how language can be a barrier when interacting.

I may have a verbal language barrier here, but this barrier has broken down the walls for a whole range of new ways to communicate with people that I never knew existed, all because I was so caught up in using verbal language to communicate through my interactions with people.

Learning from the Cambodians, I have come to value very simple things that really boost me up in general. Looking at people in the eyes and smiling at them or sharing laughs with them for my attempts to speak in their language 😂

I feel like these people are so warm in their nature. I’ve heard that Cambodia was rated the number one country in the world for the most friendliest people. When I heard that, I didn’t doubt it at all. They have this sense of calm that I can not really articulate for you that well at the moment.

I’ve been told that my accent is really clear. Refining my accent is more fun for me than learning new words. I’m not bothered to learn new words. I rather just adopt new ones slowly over time. For me, the real fun is in playing around with my accent. I say things on purpose just to watch and listen to their reactions. I love it when you catch them off guard and you both end up laughing with each other. Just one word was said and we are sharing a moment that is so simple yet so powerful, it’s enough to change your mood and as a result your general sense of well being.