Brain Anatomy & Art Therapy – A Different Type Of Learning Experience.

You tend to go through certain cycles and you notice these natural cycles just like the brand names we attribute to each of the 4 different seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – each signifying the natural cycles of life. Nothing is permanent.

I found myself to be putting unnecessary strain on myself by unleashing my creativity through the single outlet of writing. As you can imagine, that can get extremely agitating after a couple of days. On a good day, I can be writing up to 3000 words, sometimes this is not by choice. I get so compelled to it because sometimes its all I have in a place of isolation.

The writing has been great. I write for myself more so these days in my own personal journal. Im still learning how to approach the art. Ive had my ups and downs with it and Ive learned that its all about building a harmonious relationship with it that is the key. Like so with many of my other more esoteric related practices, like meditation, yoga and breathing.

Through my scientific studies, I found another great way to break down what it was that I was learning. When I do my studies, I then write 1000 word pieces on what it is that I have learned. These pieces help me digest what it is that I have learned. I let myself flow, rather than be rigorous about things. The more I get caught up in the unnecessary sugar coating of perfecting a piece of work, I let myself flow and its not the piece of writing that is the thing that turns out to be the biggest reward, its the fact that I have learned about certain concepts on a more experiential level.

What I found myself doing recently was copying diagrams from some of the books I have been reading. It takes me quite a while to read some of these books in neuroscience, as I have no science background at school or University. So, I have gone all the way back to high school science and math to learn the basics. These pieces were so fun to do. I find the reading to be heavy, so I take my time with it. But its so good to use these drawings as a way to give my analytical thinking some rest and do some art which can help me grasp these scientific concepts from new perspectives.