A Sense Of Balance & Calm

Goals and aspirations play as background noise more and more, these days. I’m caring less about attainment and achievement and more focused on a 1% improvement daily regime.

I try and shift my focus away from goal orientation as much as possible, as life has already proven to me just how volatile it can be.

The Taoists use the yin and yang ☯️ symbol as a way to communicate the nature of life. Dr. Jordan Peterson puts it nicely when he says, life can be in complete order, where the white part of the symbol is shaded in. But, there is a small black hole in the white shaded area.

What that says is, life can go from completely orderly to complete chaos at any moment. It can also go from complete chaos to complete order at any moment. That is the nature of life.

So, how does this impact the way I see life?

Well, it tells me that I am in control of a lot less than what I like to think. That’s not an easy truth to face. We all have that tendency to suppress that truth, rather than contemplate on it. I still shy away from it.

The way I deal with this at the moment is by focusing on the daily achievements – measured by how well I can take good care of myself so much so that I can be just a little stronger, smarter and better for the next day that comes.

The benefit in taking this approach is this – because you know life can take a turn at any moment, you prepare yourself for the worst by becoming just a little stronger than the day before. Joy is foundational to growth. With this inside out approach, I have found myself in higher states of joy which help me grow each day.

While I have the opportunity to live a lifestyle like this, I make sure to optimise on these smaller things. The drawing below was done last night. A combination of dim lights, art therapy and a playlist of meditative music designed by a team of musicians and neuroscientists was a way to wind down and prepare for a good nights rest.