Do You Desire Consciously or Compulsively? – An Anti-dote to Suffering

To desire is to be human – desire is life.

Desire also leads to suffering. We are constantly desiring something and when we aren’t getting it, it leads to certain levels of misery.

This is a survival mechanism, in a sense. We need to desire in order to thrive.

So the question becomes not whether or not we should desire for things in life. The question should be, “are we desiring things in our lives in a compulsive manner or in a conscious manner?

To desire is part of what being human is all about. We should embrace that, right? That’s what gets us going in life. That’s what gives us the fuel to run off. That’s what gives us passion.

If we could get to a stage where managing the way in which we desire is healthy and conscious, then life could become a little more playful. I feel as though we would fear failure much less and that in itself would lead to less suffering. In a case like that, our desire would no longer be our hindrance, but rather a vessel for growth and joy.

Image below:

A cross stitch sewing thing I got going on lol. I am finding it to be a form of therapy for the mind.