Show Up

Lesson learned today:

I found this lesson to be quite profound.

As I put my head to rest on my pillow last night I played over some voice recordings from influential people like Napoleon Hill, author of such famous books as ‘Think and Grow Rich’. I put these tapes on and listen to the messages conveyed by Napoleon Hill before I fall to sleep, as this is said to be the most effective way to process information into the subconscious mind.

One of the topics that Napoleon Hill was talking about on the tape I was listening to was about showing up with everything you do. Showing up with your full self with everything you do ensures success in ones life. So, I decided I was going to ‘show up’ by waking up early to do a morning routine.

My morning routine consisted of;

40 minutes of yoga

20 minutes of meditation

10 minutes worth of deep breathing

5 minutes worth of gratitude

1 Cambodian style coffee

By the end of it, I felt full of life and energy. Although the feeling was blissful and I felt ecstatic, I learned that this was only a by product of showing up the way I did this particular morning.

I learned something far more valuable. Showing up like this in the morning proved to aid me in showing up in everything else I did throughout the day.

Having the discipline to show up in the morning set me off to show up for the rest of the day, even when things got tough. And that’s the thing – you never know when things might get tough. Your day can take a turn within a blink of an eye. Your day can involve challenges that push your limitations personally and professionally and it is up to you to show up.

Show up in the morning to ensure you show up for the rest of the day.