Seasons Of Our Lives

Wet season in Cambodia.

I once heard a great metaphor where by the cycles of the 4 seasons were compared with the cycles of our everyday lives.

You go through a period where you plant some seeds, the beginning of a new path. Summer comes around and you begin to apply deliberate effort and focus as you begin to walk down your new path. By Autumn, you get to harvest and reap the rewards on your new path and for the effort you applied.

Then, comes winter. It is the period of death and rebirth. In the case of Cambodian weather, it is either wet or dry. Dry season has just passed us by and farmers have harvested all the rice for the next few months. Until then, it’s heavy rains pretty much everyday for months and months.

This time of the year is symbolic of where I am in my journey right now. The wet season, or winter is passing me by. I’m in recovery mode right, resting myself after what was a 4 months long journey of high intensity. I moved back and forth between rural parts of Cambodia, I helped build schools, I fundraised, I went back to Sydney and came back and I documented all of it via This is Philanthropy.

Now, I’m back in Battambang about to settle in to my new life here long term. I’m looking forward to the stability, privacy and extra comfort I will get here. I’m looking forward to when Spring returns, because I know that it’s during the Spring when I’ve settled in somewhere and I begin to set new standards for myself. I set my sites on new trajectories and I begin to deliberately carve away and work on sculpting out my larger visions for the future.

I’ve learned that our minds and body’s are just factory’s and computers and that you can make adjustments as you like whenever you want. You can engineer your experience with the right work.

I’ve also learned not to lose site of the bigger picture. There are more journeys being experienced than just one and becoming fixated on one journey over the other only leads to stress. An artistic journey, an entrepreneurial journey, a spiritual journey and a personal journey – balance is key. If you get caught up in one more than the other, you run into chaos.

We are now approaching a time when I begin to plant new seeds. Reflection and recovery is now underway and it’s quite relaxing.