A Road Less Traveled

By choice, I’ve decided to take a path that is out of the ordinary. I think partly, this stems from this underlying desire to stand out and be different from the herd.

Ever since a young child, I’ve always wanted to showcase my tendency to be rebellious and unique. I love to be the contrarian and to go against the grain.

I’ve always loved to challenge the beliefs that I feel society has jammed into our heads and I am always up for pushing my personal boundaries, seeking thrilling experiences that push me to the edge.

I like to do what not many other people are doing, and if a lot of other people are doing it, I like to challenge the status quo.

Why do I think this is important?

Because I believe this is how true change occurs. I believe this is where you can experience the most growth as an individual. When you run towards adversity, you run towards a path that pushes you to your edges, forcing you to solve problems, deal with people and compose yourself emotionally, physically and mentally all the same time. This is where true growth can occur. This is where true change can be made.

This is my reason for choosing the road less traveled.