The Itch I Must Scratch

Part of my promise was to deliver content that is raw and authentic.

There are pieces of content that I create that are emotionally uplifting and contain elements of joy and prosperity in them and that is well warranted. There are many beautiful moments of happiness, unity, prosperity and humour involved in this life.

However, there is a darker side to it, as with all things.

This image was taken in the male dorm room at FEFA school. Due to the fact that these students are getting access to free education, the teachers of the school and the owners of the property don’t have the means to improve conditions. So, this is how they sleep.

I lived in these conditions for a number of weeks and for someone who isn’t accustomed to living in an environment like this one, I found it to be quite a challenge.

Wanting to improve the living conditions of this place comes from two places for me;

1) I believe learning can be further optimised when students are living in more reasonable conditions.

2) The level of discomfort that I experienced while living in there gave me an itch that now must be scratched. It has made me want to improve conditions to provide a better quality of life in general.

With a small donation, we can work towards getting the students off the ground and on to a wooden platform. This is the first step, as it ensures better hygiene and helps the students with their sleeping process which is vital for learning.