A Monastic Type of Life

This monastic type of lifestyle can take you by surprise.

You have regimented structure with a lot of free time on your hands. A lot of time to think, observe and learn.

One thing I’ve come to value in my life is Stoic philosophy, or Stoicism. The philosophers of Stoicism include men like Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus. They were men of extraordinary importance and success during the times of the Roman and Greek empires.

Due to the fact that places like Rome were so prosperous, it gave these great minds the time to think and ponder about the more existential questions of this life.

Like a monk who lives a monastic life a temple or a yogi who lives one in an ashram, this way of life has me intrigued to the bones.

When you have the time to sit and ponder and contemplate on life like you do out here, you tend to dig down to more deeper levels of thinking.

What does this do for me? It gives me insight. I get to discover things about myself and about life that I never new existed. I have the time to question and to constantly work towards seeking some of the answers that could propel me forward as a human.

It gives me time to refine some of the skills I love using when I play. Refining my content creation skills, my meditation skills, my creativity and my logical reasoning skills, my social skills and my emotional intelligence skills. I get to watch and refine over and over and over again, all day long.

Things can get monotonous and I sometimes feel sick to my stomach knowing how much time there is, plus the gruelling construction work that goes on in the blistering heat. But I’m just so attracted to the idea of having so much time to just think and observe.

These are where all of the questions are answered, because it starts from within.