Why Do I Want To Be Rich?

When you get to experience a life of poverty and lack, firsthand;

I did an exercise recently where I was made to pick at my mind, digging deep into finding out certain things about myself that I did not know on a conscious level.

Although money and materialism means very little to me, I’ve always had this burning desire to build an abundance of wealth. I’ve had this desire since I was a child and I thought it was time I found out why this desire exists within.

After some hours of deep reflection and analysis, I brought some of these underlying desires to conscious levels of mind where I could view them clearly.

Having an abundance of wealth does not mean I can go and chase those short term highs by purchasing fancy cars and big homes.

Having an abundance of wealth to me means being able to create more opportunities for myself and those around me. It’s about having the means to create or chase certain profound experiences that can shape me as a person in order for me to improve on myself and those around me.

It means flying away on a whim, getting to enjoy life for its spontaneity, because those moments are usually the best ones that breed the most joy.

It means being able to obtain the best education and wisdom that exists currently and being able to apply that to my life and those around me in order to improve quality of life, in general.

Most importantly, it means I can give more. When there is more to give, there is more to receive and vice versa.