A Menace To Village Society

The leader of the pack, you bark orders at everyone else in the gang of kids. You are the one to come up with all of the creative, mischievous ideas and you gather everyone around to help execute on them.

Around the volunteers, you are the ballsy one, literally and figuratively. You flash your private parts constantly and then you check over your shoulder to make sure your parents didn’t see your disgusting display. You aren’t afraid to push our buttons with your annoying, childish, younger brother-like behaviour.

You wake us up from our afternoon naps just because you are in the mood to play and you want attention. I have come so close to throwing my shoes at your head on multiple occasions.

At school, you are said to be the class clown. You don’t look very strained after a day at school. It doesn’t look like you do much but think about when you get to go home and getting laughs out of others.

You get worked hard at your parents shop though 😂 I love telling you to go fold your boxes while I chill with a beer after a hard days work.

You are a menace with a sweet heart, though. You have delivered plates of fruit to me before, a generous act on your part.

You will continue to be a menace, age won’t matter.

We love our Manoot 😏