The Story Brand

Human Resource Development and Language –

The brand name speaks for itself. It tells a story about learning, teaching and growing.

The organisation is built by some of the Khmer who learned about the ‘Science of Life’ program.

This program was founded because someone had a vision to implement a system of education that would break many young Cambodians out of the cycle of poverty by teaching life skills and mindset development.

As a result, there are many Cambodians who have gained a lot from this cult like system for learning and have gone on to open their own schools that teach the same principles to their students.

I have come close with many different minds in Cambodia, and I’ve been so intrigued by the ones who have been able to adopt a mindset for confidence, leadership, resilience and self sacrifice.

This program tells its own story, just like HDLF do. The school is built on people who have come from poverty and despite the intensity of their reality, they are willing to stand on the front line in order to end as much suffering as possible.

When you know what it’s like to truly suffer, whether that is physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually you develop an itch that must now be scratched. You experience a certain level of pain and all of a sudden there is this urge to solve a problem that ends the suffering or at least reduces the possibility for yourself and others around you.

That is one part of the organisations message that I am in love with. There is an underlying emphasis on mindset and wisdom sharing.