A Good End To A Bad Day

A beautiful end to a difficult day.

My alarm went off at 7am. That meant it was time for work. I turned over in my bed and realised I couldn’t do it. It was just one of those days where I had to listen and surrender to my body. I have been exhausted and emotionally drained.

The last few weeks have been so difficult. I’ve had loads on my mind; the storm that hit the school in Battambang, getting this school built in Sala Lek Bram and just some internal personal things that go on through my mind.

I live quite a different lifestyle to a lot of those back home, yet it is all relative. We all deal with the stresses of personal and career strains. I am 10 days into my smoke free rehabilitation journey and I think the pressures of my nicotine withdrawals are adding extra weight.

The sun will go down and tomorrow will be a new day. The construction of the school will go on and it’s going to be a challenge of my own to get up and continue on with the mission.