A Warm Gift

I’m loving the gift I was given by Thea from HDLF.

I formed a close connection with Thea while I was living in his village. A 37 year old Khmer with a family of 4 and a big vision to build a school for the kids of the village.

We had many moments, sharing our fears for the future, our goals, our values and some of the stories of our lives.

Thea has a big mission ahead of him. It’s crunch time for him now. The school is on its way to being completed and he is feeling the general pressures and fears. “Is it going to work”?, he asks himself continuously.

Going in with fears and doubts, it reminded me of some of the situations we face when there is a huge challenge ahead. When there is risk involved and we are forced to make calculated decisions according to that risk. The thought of a long term commitment for work and pain.

You always tend to go in with the doubts and the fears. But, I once heard an extremely inspirational concept that put it all into perspective for me.

There is no such thing as fearlessness. That doesn’t exist in situations like these. However, courage does exist and courage is what we call the will to move in spite of our fears and doubts because there is something bigger than those fears and doubts waiting on the other side.