Who Are You?

Who are you?

How would you answer such a question? I assume, most of us would start by giving our names, describing where we are from and then giving a job title.

But, is that really who we are, or is that just the experience in which our body’s and minds are witnessing before us?

Who you were 5, 10, 15 years ago is not the same as who you are today. Your body has changed and so has the mind. So then, how can we be so sure of who we are today?

We are not our body’s and minds. We are not our experiences, our traumas, our personalities, our habits, our thoughts or our feelings. We are simply just watching these things unfold before us.

Who is watching? The consciousness, the observer, the soul. The observer who sits in the very depths of our consciousness, watching these internal and external events unfold. It watches and observes objectively, without any judgement. It is our mind that makes these judgements as to whether an event in life is either good or bad.

However, the observer just sits and watches without passing any judgement.

When a thought arises in the mind or an intense feeling in the body comes to life, the observer gets distracted by these loud waves of energy. As a result, the observer gets caught up and becomes involved in the mayhem.

That is when the observer focuses its attention to the mind, watching it make judgements. The mind is full of attachment, desire, greed, rationalisations and critical thought. When the observer is too focused on the mind, it begins to see some of the catastrophic occurrences within.

Hence why it is important that the observer learns to control where it places its attention.

If we are not our minds and body’s, then we are just an observer, sitting in a seat experiencing a reality in physical, mental and emotional form.

How liberating is it to know that we can break free from the ego, the one that causes us to suffer the most.