When Two World’s Collide

We are drawing closer and closer to the move out into the village. In less than a month, my journey will begin.

I think it’s important, however to not forget about the people and the moments that have contributed towards my inspiration. The past 8 months spent in Siem Reap has brought a world of value and influence upon me.

This is one of my favourite captured moments, so far. Just last week, my Mother came to visit me. It was a surreal experience. We got to catch up after 8 months and I was able to connect my network of people in Cambodia with my network of people from back home and now we are working together to make an impact to the lives of the people in a village close to the main town of Siem Reap.

Mum has gone back home to start up a foundation to raise money to build housing facilities for the people of the village who don’t have houses. Mum was eager to get back home to kick start her philanthropic project. Thank you, Cazi Verjoustinsky, you are an inspiration.

Part of my role here is to network, constantly seeking out those who need help and connecting them with those who are willing to reach their hand out in support.

A role like this can be quite paradoxical. With little to no monetary gain, you might wonder how one keeps motivated. It’s the level of fulfillment that keeps that flame alive, as it is priceless.

Happy Friday, all.