What Does Humour Mean to You?

I have never been a huge fan of children, but since moving to Cambodia I’m slowly opening up to them and my love is growing.

The kids here are so cute and friendly, but I guess that can be said for all Cambodian people. Their sense of humour is one thing that has always sparked joy and comfort within me.

I often wonder what humour might mean for the people of Cambodia. One of the most charming traits of an individual can be their ability to turn unfavourable circumstances into works of humour. This is something that the Dalai Lama mention in the book, ‘The Art of Happiness’ – this notion of finding a humorous side to some of our misfortunes in order to soften the blow. Not taking life too seriously, because the more you attach yourself to your circumstances and your identity, the more you feel is at stake.

If we can somehow learn how to manifest this sense of humour through some of our unfavourable circumstances, I wonder what impact this could have on our own happiness?