The Invasion of The Frog

Flashback to a time when in a rural village in Cambodia and all you want to do is take a shit in peace, but you have a creepy frog all up in your business.

These slimy creatures and I have made some great memories during my times living in rural villages in Asia.

As the cliche goes – one night in Bangkok. I was out getting drunk and eating street food. I came across a stand that was selling fried frogs. I had 2 small frogs served to me on a wooden skewer. They were delicious.

2 nights later, I’m in rural Thailand sleeping on a thin mattress under a mosquito net. I had a month in this village, and it was my first night when a rain storm hit. At first, I was in high spirits about it. It meant the night would be cool and would sleep well.

About half an hour after entering into the net and resting my eyes, I slowly began to doze off. I was feeling great, falling in and out of consciousness so peacefully. Suddenly, I feel something fall on my back. I remained still at first, only to shoot up in horror seconds later. The sensation felt so foreign to me. I grabbed the wet, slimy thing off me and and threw it at the net. I turned my light on to see a small frog just staring at me. I was freaking out. I got out of bed and began to pace around like a mad man. “Fuck, is this what the next month is going to be about? Frogs jumping on me in my sleep? Nah, I want out right now. I wanna go home”.

I tried going back to sleep, but I had another one jump me. Two small frogs under my net now. It took some of the most grittiest of will to get back to sleep that night. I had no choice. I was out to chop bamboo the next day. I needed rest, desperately.

I thought it was so appropriate for this to happen in Thailand. The concept of Karma was something that I associated this situation with – Eating 2 small fried frogs in Bangkok 2 nights before and having two small frogs attack in revenge as soon as I was in the village.

Damn, those bastards got me on the first night. They did a brilliant job at serving Karma. Mentally, I could never really recover. It was a struggle going to sleep every night after that first encounter.

I often look back on this story and I admire the way it all played out. Getting Karma served in the Buddhist country of Thailand by two frogs. In Thailand, the frog is seen as a sign of wealth. You rub the back of the frog for good fortune. Although I was living in some of the poorest conditions I’ve ever experienced, I came to learn that these trips were when I would feel the richest I’ve ever experienced.