Suggestions To The Subconscious

At night time, we would sit in the main area of the commune where all the classes are done and all of the meals are had in.

We would sit in a circle on plastic chairs – about 15-20 of us, eyes closed and hands joined.

The first time I heard it, I was stunned to hear the chanting and the praying for all different religions. Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Krishna – everyone got a shout out.

After the first two experiences I had with this little prayer ceremony, I began to let go and embrace it for what it was. I noticed myself falling into these drowsy states of mind.

I’ve heard of many stories of healing through the use of chanting and prayer. There are many stories like these in our religious scripts.

If these stories are true, then what is it that is actually happening here? There is something about the subconscious mind that is capable of healing the body and mind. The only problem is, the conscious mind stands in the way as the gatekeeper, guarding what goes into the subconscious mind.

This can be manipulated by falling into altered states of consciousness. Meditation is one way to change your brainwave frequency – prayer, chanting and hypnosis are other forms.

Once you fall into your drowsy state, you are more open to suggestion. Your conscious mind takes a back seat and your subconscious mind becomes open.

If these states are entered into regularly, with consistent affirmations, you begin to program the subconscious mind into believing these things to be true.

When the people of the commune finished singing, they would repeat affirmations such as; I am a kind person, I am keen to learn, I believe in my ability to achieve things, I will always help those in need. These affirmations were all good in nature and value, and this repetitive, trance like affirmation was responsible for dropping suggestions to the open subconscious mind.

Once the subconscious blindly believes in these things, you become programmed to live a certain way. These things begin to manifest themselves through your external world.

Just imagine what pictures we could paint in our minds, making them our true realities.