From West to East

After spending a week enjoying the tourist spot of Siem Reap, I’ve decided that it’s time to get back out to the village to finish off what I started.

My time was cut short the last time I was living in the commune and I had to go back to Sydney indefinitely.

After a month, I’ve found myself back in Cambodia and this time I have brought some mates with me to help me complete the project in the commune.

It’s crazy, because when I first came to Cambodia, I had no idea I would end up living in this commune in rural Battambang. When I applied for the role, the people who run the school said it was like fate. I came in during a time of expansion, as the school developed a long term project to build an IT centre in the commune for all the students.

Having technology in this commune would be an absolute boost to the lives of these students. Giving them proper access to the internet where they have a whole world of information at their fingertips could really make a difference to their careers and their lives, and now I’m on my way back there to help make this all happen.

Having your mates from back home by your side to experience this is another thing, altogether. I’ve been proudly showing them around my home and seeing their level of appreciation for a country and culture like this is touching.

Tomorrow, I return back home to the village where the mission will continue.