A State of Mind

“For if a person shifts their caution to their own reasoned choices and the acts of those choices, they will at the same time gain the will to avoid, but if they shift their caution away from their own reasoned choices to things not under their control, seeking to avoid what is controlled by others, they will then be agitated, fearful and unstable”


It is not our environment that determines whether or not we experience a sense of peace, tranquility and harmony in our lives. All of these things are simply a state of mind.

Regardless of where we are, whether it is in a major city or a rural village, problems will always arise; problems out of our control, problems brought on through social interactions, problems caused by our external events.

These problems occur everywhere, at any time. However, it is up to us as individuals to understand the importance of using positive judgement in order to maintain this sense of peace and harmony with others.

Therefore, peace and harmony cannot be found anywhere else except for within. Once we can achieve this internally, then we can be better equipped when dealing with unfavourable external circumstances.

It is ones perspective that determines how much of a sense of peace and harmony they carry within themselves. If we can learn how to cultivate more of a sense of peace within, the benefits for us as individuals and communities can be quite profound.