A Family of Welcome

It’s 9:30 am and I’ve come out here to relax, reflect and escape.

The more the days go on, the more this all starts to sink in and all of a sudden, it’s your reality. Things are starting to uncover themselves, and some of these things you might not like or may not be accustomed to.

It can be overwhelming and agitating. This process of learning and adaptation can send you up and down like angry waves in an ocean.

Living in a commune with 20 people. Wow, it’s an experience unlike no other.

We sat last night for prayer time. It was probably the most interesting circle of prayer I have ever been in. There was chanting, there were mantras and there was worshiping. The crazy part was, all of the main religions were noted and chanted for. People held hands and there was clapping at the end of it.

The kids had their lines that they would sing. It was like this circle of absolutely everything. That’s the philosophy of the school, you see. Free Education for All – all are welcome to join. Everyone is accepted as part of the family. Everyone is out to teach and learn in order to steer each other in the right direction.