A Good Space

The first night in the village was a complete success.  A commune of young students in their 20’s who dropped out of school due to the fact that they were unable to afford education, so they have all moved in to the commune to work and learn.  Everyone pitches in to prepare food, keep the property clean and to teach and learn from each other. This commune is like a boarding school for the people who have decided to join, so it is like one big family who all live together.  

After last night, I’m quite glad to say that I am now part of this family.  Everyone was so welcoming and the vibe is just nice. Everyone is there to learn and to help each other.  

On my first night, I slept on a thin mattress on the floor, under a mosquito net.  Surprisingly, I slept like a baby. Who would’ve thought that with such different living conditions, I would be comfortable enough to have one of the best night’s sleep I have had in a long time.  I guess, it’s not so much about the material things you have, but rather the vibe of the place and the people you are surrounded by. I woke up to the calling of roosters and the fresh scent that only a secluded village can offer. Cambodian style porridge was prepared and served for breakfast – a concoction of rice and sweetener.

I think the people of the village are still getting used to the fact that there is now a foreigner in town.  It was hilarious watching the people almost fall off their bikes at the site of my face. I’m an alien in a place like this.  

In terms of my mental state, I’m just in a good place.  I’ve been in a good place since moving to Cambodia. Never in my life have I been this motivated to get work done.  I’m waking up most days, ready to go out and get it. It’s the reason why I stress doing what you love. You got to do what you love, otherwise what’s the point?  

2 Replies to “A Good Space”

  1. so good to hear you are in a good mental place. You did well constantly challenging and struggling with your self to reach this good place you find your self in. You are an inspiration to young people who are looking for their purpose in life. NEVER give up keep going we are very proud of you Chris.

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