Make Them Realistic & Crazy – Goals

Tim Ferriss – American entrepreneur, author, and podcaster, talks about having 2 huge goals in your life.

You have goal number 1, which involve your every day goals in things like your every day health, financials, business and personal development. These goals involve more mundane like output.

Goal number 2 is supposed to be an imaginative, ridiculous, fun but challenging goal to offset your more mundane every day goals.

The benefit of this is, when you are stressed and sick to death focusing on your everyday goals, you can shift your focus to goal number 2, which is intended to be large, but also fun and entertaining. The intended benefit of this is a better sense of balance.

My goals for health, financials, business and personal development require systematic work on a daily basis; Exercising, trying to build better eating habits, saving $x for this object, finishing that online course.

My other goals involve creating an award winning documentary, building a well being center and establishing an international school for personal development. These are the fun goals that I day dream about when I don’t want to think about my more urgent tasks.

This takes a lot of the pressure off me in the present, because I have another outlet to focus my attention on. It gives me some space to be able to step back from all the analysis, and this is when the creative side is shown – in a place of peace and calm.

Don't Focus On What You Don't Want – Focus On What You Want

I have been coming across a common theme lately – ideas about where to shift your focus.

I’ve come across quotes that read things like, “when you catch yourself worrying about all the things that could go wrong, remind yourself of all the things that could go right, because they are both possibilities.

I’ve heard things like, “don’t focus on what you don’t want, focus on what you want”. This supports the notion that where your focus goes, your energy will flow to that area of focus.

These ideas come from the space of personal development, and when you look at the research in neuroscience you start to see supporting evidence for these ideas.

Dr Joe Dispenza – American author and neuroscientist writes and talks about how thoughts become matter in the brain. Your thoughts occur in your brain, with cells creating networks and connections with each other.

So, the thoughts you have and the decisions you make prime the brain to install the neurological hardware to think, feel and act like the person who you want to be in the future.

Things will always go wrong – this is nature. But with focused intent and energy, you can always bring order and progress to the chaos.

You – Another Piece To A Bigger Machine

If there are 39 trillion microorganisms living inside and outside of our bodies, then who’s to say that we are not microorganisms to something else much larger than we can comprehend?

What if earth was just a single cell, rather than how we perceive it? To us, it’s a planet, a home, a large ecosystem of living and non living things.

But what if the truth holds that earth is nothing more than a small cell, part of a community of trillions of other cells that make up a larger entity?

Let’s go downwards now. If you observe the cells that make up our bodies, you will find a digestive system, a brain and organs, just like our body has.

So, who you think you are is not one entity, but rather billions of entities making up one larger being. These are the existential things one should ponder about.

This is the true beauty of life as it is. The mystery of it is what keeps us alive and thriving as we try to navigate our way through its complex web of problems and solutions – Science is the language of solutions to problems of the universe.

I sat last night with things like health and self improvement on my mind. It occurred to me that good health and self improvement is not in fact for myself.

There is no separate self. My good health and improvement is for the sake of the natural system around me. My body is merely just another small part to this larger machine

Stepping Back & Accepting Things As They Are

Being someone who likes to run from mental and emotional pain, as I tend to really feel it intensely at times, I have found myself continuously trying to search for answers for every problem that arises in my life.

If I have problem x, I will read book y, hoping it can give some insight into how to come up with a solution for my problem.

I’ve made this observation by being present with myself and my behaviors. It occurred to me that sometimes trying to come up with solutions every time you are faced with an issue might not always be your best bet.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is nothing at all. There are more things that are out of your control than you like to think. Nature will destroy and repair, at its own will.

Instead of trying to constantly solve problems, just observe and take a step back.

Awareness comes before change. It’s in becoming aware of an issue or a problem where we can begin to solve and make change.

Cash In On Your Passions

Never have we been given the opportunity like we have today – the opportunity to pursue your passions and dreams in business and life.

Essentially, everyone has become their own entrepreneur. Thanks to the internet, we no longer have to rely on big media companies and publishers to put our messages out to the public.

The middle man has been removed and it has had devastating impacts on these ‘human attention toll booths”, like these big magazines and newspapers that cost a company or individual thousands of dollars for rental space.

Today, it’s as simple as creating content around your niche and serving your audience with your valuable piece of mind and expertise.

This gives everyone an opportunity to hone in on their strengths, forgetting about their weaknesses and to pursue the things they are truly passionate about.

Post impactful content for your brand that you are passionate about, and make sure never to look back.

Do What You Want To Do In Life, And Nothing Else

I had a lot of fun today shooting some videos for my content company. I’ve always loved creative work. I’ve always loved to shoot videos and to document experiences.

One of my first video projects was when I was 15 years of age. A group of us shot backyard stunt videos with our old Nokia slide phones, then we would edit them on a computer, burn them to a DVD and watch them on the tv screens.

Our little show came to an end, eventually. But I still question why I ever stopped making videos and doing creative things. I guess, high school and university study got in the way. But, I can’t say that was the whole reason as to why I stopped my creative endeavours.

I think it was the belief that these sorts of things would never serve me in the adult world, and so I focused my attention more on the things that I thought would.

After going through the motions, completing a degree in finance and joining the corporate world, I was devastated but not surprised when it all didn’t go according to plan.

I felt suppressed and depressed when I was number crunching or filling in excel spreadsheets with values that gave me no tangible meaning. But, I was always under the impression that it was a fault of mine. It was that I was; too dumb, too lazy and at one stage I even thought I had a Peterpan complex and just didn’t want to grow up.

I remember one day walking into a job interview in the corporate arena.

Before my interview, I was on Facebook reading about how president Trump dropped bombs on Syria, and as I was on my way to the interview I was cut up because I knew deep down that I never wanted to be part of this world, but I wanted to be involved in adding positivity to some of these tragic world events that were occurring.

To me, walking into a cushy corporate role to make tens of thousands of dollars per year seemed selfish, when people were losing their homes, families and lives in other parts of the world.

When I was made redundant from this job 4 months later, I had finally built the courage and self belief to go out and actually pursue the things I wanted to pursue in life, and I guess this is what helped me in reconnecting with some of those traits I had as a kid – the creativity and experimenting with different things like videoing, writing and visual arts.

Now, it’s all about finding ways to do the things I love all day, everyday for the rest of my life. For me, there is no other way.

Plain Clothing & Daily Decision Making Limitations

It’s not for this particular reason that I have a tendency to sway more towards wearing plain clothing, however I’ve come to learn an interesting fact about what it means to some to wear plain clothing every day.

It’s said that many big CEOs, such as Mark Zuckerberg and Gary Vaynerchuk wear plain clothing everyday because it cuts out the effort they would have to go to otherwise, having to pick out their clothing each morning.

Research suggests that just like willpower, our decision making abilities have their daily limitations, meaning your ability to make decisions gets depleted as the day goes by and doesn’t recharge until you rest.

Leaders in business are required to make multiple high stake decisions daily, and some decide that they would rather ration their decision making abilities, without having to waste a bit of it on a task such as choosing clothing for the day.

As I said above, I do not do it for this reason, however knowing this reinforces this tendency of mine to choose plain clothing over anything else – For me, it’s easy, quick and risk free.